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Warehousing & Packing Services

Safe and modern warehouse (150,000 m2) located near Cairo International Airport is ready to receive vans, cars, containers and commercial shipments. Our warehouse is fully insured against all risks. When it is time for merchandise to move, a trucking fleet is ready to distribute to the final destination. Freight services are integrated with warehousing facilities to provide complete solutions to customers’ requirements and needs. Through its highly qualified staff and full storage and warehousing facilities, Green Line Co. has the capability to provide full international standards packing services to suit all modes of transportation Green line Service has the people, equipment and the expertise to handle any job, no matter how unique. We respond to the changing needs of our customers on a continual basis and we specifically taylor our pricing to meet the customers' requirements. We are equipped with specialized clamps, lifts, and more to handle all of our customers' warehousing needs

Mobile Shelving

We have been providing shelving solutions for businesses . Our mobile shelving solutions have becoming immensely popular with clients, and we are confident that we can offer the best Mobile Shelving solutions available. If you are looking for shelving solutions of any kind, we are confident we can help you find what you are looking for.

Mobile storage

Our company offers mobile storage solutions for a variety of businesses, no matter what the nature of your business we are confident we can cater to your requirements. Our Mobile storage solutions are designed to be convenient and designed to help offices and organizations of all sizes

Archive Storage

When it comes to archive storage, we are confident that we have what you are looking for. From basic Archive Storage solutions to full room solutions, we are confident our team can help your organization make the most of your storage space. We offer archive storage solutions that are designed to help organizations maximize their storage space.